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              CHINESE ENGLISH
              CE Certification
              GOST Certification
              Emark certification
              SEMI certifiction
              Global Certification
              Chinese Certification
              System certification

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              e-Marking is the compulsory mark for vehicle safety systems and components and was established by an EU committee according to an EC directive. According to this EU Directive all tests should be performed in the accredited test institution in EU member states. Correspondingly, the transportation department in each EU member state should be the issuing authorization unit with each having their own serial number. All vehicle components and systems that have the e-mark will be accepted across the EU market.

              e1 Germany

              e2 France

              e3 Italy

              e4 the Netherlands

              e6 Belgium

              e7 Hungary

              e8 Czech Republic

              e9 Spain

              e11 the United Kingdom

              e12 Austria

              e13 Luxembourg

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